Thursday, May 1, 2008


The government of the United States was formed for very specific purposes. Over the years, it has grown to a size feared by those that helped found this country. It has become the home to a bureaucracy that answers to no one.

In the masthead is the Preamble to the Constitution. I intend to look upon our Government, federal, state and local, and determine as objectively as possible, whether it is in fact overstepping or under performing in those areas it was created to address.

I start with an overview:

1. Establish Justice: It is clear that some judges have failed in their oaths. They bring in their own prejudices, their own philosophies, their own desires to cases before them. In some cases, they are assisted by prosecutors with their own political or philosophical agenda. We need to bring some confidence back into the courtroom that justice will be the result.

2. Insure domestic Tranquility: Some states and cities are creating safe harbors for criminals. Other states are refusing to honor legal contracts formed in other states. Both positions are wrong.

3. Provide for the common defense: Our borders are there for a reason and it is the Federal Government's responsibility to protect them. Threats to the United States do not only come from those attempting to cross our borders but from those within and from thousands of miles away. It is the right and obligation of our Country to seek out and destroy those that would do so to us.

4. Promote the general Welfare: Promote, not provide. General, not specific. Government should only insure the playing field is level, not support one group over another, whether that group is small or large.

The Federal Government has become the provider of first resort for millions of Americans. If the individual is sovereign, then the individual is responsible and accountable for him/herself.

If we are going to hold the Government accountable, time to pick up the yoke and be so for ourselves.

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